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At Story Divers Sharm el Sheikh, we take our commitment to the sea and its conservation very seriously. As part of our mission, we strive to keep the sea clean and preserve its natural beauty for future generations.

One of the ways we do this is through the regular beach and sea cleanups.

We are responsible for keeping the waters surrounding Sharm el Sheikh clean, and we actively organize self-periodic cleanups. Our team and volunteers work together to remove trash and debris from the shorelines and sea to keep the sea clean and safe for marine life.

In addition to our cleanup efforts, we are proud members of the Greenfins and Blue Oceans organizations. These organizations are dedicated to protecting the marine environment through sustainable diving practices and ocean conservation. By working with these organizations, we can significantly impact the sea and its inhabitants.

We also strive to educate our team and divers about the importance of keeping the sea clean and preserving its natural beauty. We inform them about our efforts, encourage them to join in our cleanup efforts, and take an active role in protecting the sea during their visit.

Furthermore, we are using environmentally-friendly products and practices in our diving operations.

Clean and modern space with sorted bins
Paperless approach with the Online divers’ check-in
Freshwater dispenser for refillable bottles
Eco-friendly boat with reef-friendly liquids, such as mask defog, hand soap, and dishwasher liquid.
We serve lunch using reusable cups and plates from 100% recycled plastic.

Overall, we do our utmost to protect the sea and the marine life that calls it home. We are committed to preserving the natural beauty of the sea and keeping it clean for future generations to enjoy. Our regular beach and sea cleanups, our membership in Greenfins and Blue Oceans, and our commitment to sustainable diving practices are just a few ways we work towards this goal.

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At Story Divers Sharm el Sheikh, we understand the importance of keeping our sea and beaches clean. As such, we prioritize organizing regular cleanups as a part of our commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the sea and protecting marine life.

Our team and volunteers work together to remove trash and debris from the shorelines and waters to keep the sea clean and safe for marine life. These regular cleanups help maintain the aesthetic beauty of the area and play a crucial role in protecting marine life from harm caused by litter.

Marine animals, such as sea turtles, fish, and birds, can mistake plastic and other debris for food, leading to injury or death. Litter can also harm coral reefs and sensitive marine habitats, impacting the entire ecosystem. By removing trash and debris from the ocean, we are helping to protect marine life and preserve the delicate balance of the ocean's ecosystem.

Regular cleanups also serve to educate our guests and the community about the importance of keeping the sea clean and the impact of litter on the marine environment. In addition, by participating in these cleanups, they can see firsthand the amount of trash that can accumulate in the ocean and the importance of taking action to protect it.

In addition to our cleanup efforts, we are proud members of the Greenfins and Blue Oceans organizations. These organizations are dedicated to protecting the marine environment through sustainable diving practices and ocean conservation; we support their efforts to protect the sea and its inhabitants.

Regular cleanups are a crucial part of our mission to preserve the natural beauty of the sea and protect marine life. In addition, by organizing these cleanups, we are making a tangible difference in the sea's health and educating our guests and community about the importance of keeping our oceans clean.

Our cleanups

Proud members of

We're all about protecting the ocean and its inhabitants and we're excited to announce that we are a Greenfins and Blue Oceans member. These organizations are all about promoting sustainable diving practices and ocean conservation - which we're passionate about too!

By joining Greenfins and Blue Oceans, we can impact the sea and its inhabitants. We have access to resources, training, and support to help us implement eco-friendly practices and reduce our impact on the marine environment. We plan also collaborate with like-minded organizations and individuals who share our passion for ocean conservation. We're always looking for ways to impact the sea positively. Joining Greenfins and Blue Oceans is just one of the ways we're making it happen. We're excited to continue our efforts to preserve the natural beauty of the sea for future generations to enjoy.

Together with care

As a proud member of Green Fins, we are fully committed to protecting the marine environment by following the best practices in diving. We understand the importance of preserving the natural beauty of our oceans and strive to minimize our impact on the environment while providing our divers with an unforgettable diving experience. By following the guidelines of Green Fins, we aim to reduce our environmental footprint and ensure the sustainability of our oceans. If you notice anything that doesn't comply with these practices while diving with us, contact

7 things divers must do:
  • 1. Respect marine life and shoot photos without disturbing the environment
  • 2. Practice buoyancy control & photography skills
  • 3. Only touch rock or dead coral if necessary
  • 4. Ensure all equipment is secured & do not drag over reefs
  • 5. Avoid stirring up sediment by keeping your distance
  • 6. Support conservation & champion Green Fins
  • 7. Practice advanced finning techniques
7 things divers must not do:
  • 1. Do not litter
  • 2. Do not wear gloves
  • 3. Do not feed the fish
  • 4. Do not collect marine life souvenirs - it may be ILLEGAL
  • 5. Do not chase, touch, poke, spear or capture marine life
  • 6. Do not place cameras on reefs or move marine life to capture a better shot
  • 7. Do not touch or step on coral

A guideline in collaboration with

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What Our Divers Say

Took my divemaster course with Story Divers in December 2022, what a great experience! Shazly and the rest of the crew put real passion and professionality in everything they did, from training to the outstanding service they provide to make you feel comfortable and dive safe!

Nicola B 🇮🇹 – via Tripadvisor

When I first book my open water course, I really did not know I was going to the best place in the world for diving, the red sea. I went solo travel and I came back home with my heart full and with a bunch of new friends for life. (…)

Paola Gomez 🇬🇧 – via Tripadvisor

Diving with Story Divers is quality no quantity!! Is like family with friends, my dive guide Top, I am here moustly 2 or 3 times a year.

Rosmarie D 🇨🇭 – via Tripadvisor

I had an incredible experience diving Story Divers. I came to take my OWDC class and left with AOWD. The instructor Said and Shazly had a very calm demeanor, and I felt at ease pretty quickly. They explained things clearly and also followed up with visuals and demonstration, so I knew exactly what was expected. (…)

Paula S 🇱🇻 – via Tripadvisor

I was diving with Story Divers in October 2022. I am an AOWD with about 300 dives. I must say that it was a very nice experience, relaxing atmosphere and a lot of fun. If you would like to learn to dive or if you are experienced in diving, I would strongly recommend this dive center.(…) Thanks a lot Shazly, Sherif and the whole crew!

andi1310 🇷🇴 – via Tripadvisor

(…) I dove with both Shazly and Shérif who are professional and knowledgeable in small groups.(…) It was a good opportunity to recognized a lovely bunch of buddies from different nations Germany, France, Italy and Romania. (…) Thanks Story Divers team for the nice dives and memorable moments. Good luck Shazly and keep it up.

Iman’s Holiday 🇪🇬 – via Tripadvisor

I dive since more than 30 years and with all that experiences I can say Story Divers is one of the best diving centers I have ever seen. Modern, elegant center, new equipment, very professional guide Sherif. The owner Shazly is a perfect instructor with much experience and by the way he speaks perfectly german. (…)

Monika M 🇩🇪 – via Tripadvisor

Five days of diving with Shazly at Story Divers was en extraordinary experience. I took the Advanced Open Water course, and my husband and I had 9 dives at various dive sites in the Red Sea off Sharm el Sheik. (…) We saw hammerhead sharks, moray eels, turtles, large schools of fish, all Nemo's friends, beautiful corals everywhere - and even dolphins.(…)

Kristin V. 🇳🇴 – via Tripadvisor

This was the best dive holiday ever, it was my first dive in the Red Sea and loved it 💙. Story Divers they were superb had the best facilities and equipment, felt very welcomed thanks for both shazly and sharif and surely won’t be my last visit.

Nedhal 🇸🇦 – via Tripadvisor

I did my Advanced Open Water course from PADI with Story Divers and few fun dives too. I can only recommend you this dive resort. Those guys are full of passion and professionalism. I have always felt safe and been treated like a Person and not a number from Excel form. I am super happy, that I found them and for sure that was not my last experience with Story Divers!

Marcin S 🇩🇪 – via Tripadvisor

(…) I didn't dive and I attended the boat trip with Story Divers and snorkelled with Sherif who was fantastic! (…) The team really care about marine sustainability, giving you a little insight and lesson of how to be the best diver, e.g. looking after the coral, not feeding the fish, etc. They all have such a huge passion.(…)

nicm2404 🇬🇧 – via Tripadvisor

I highly recommend Story Divers to anyone looking to dive in Egypt. I thoroughly enjoyed my shore dive with Sherif who was friendly, professional and very experienced. Excellent equipment, incredible sealife, fantastic dive centre!

Alice Sully 🇬🇧 – via Facebook

Amazing experience with Story Divers, I definitely recommend diving with this nice team of professionals ! All equipments are new, the organisation is flexible. The manager benevolent advised me on my trip, hotels and excursion. I took my PADI Open Water with Shazly who taught me the course in a professional manner (…)

Léo MOCQUARD 🇫🇷 – via Google

We have had the best week diving with Story Divers 🤩 What an amazing and knowledgeable team, we can't wait to dive with you again. Thank you for the best experience we could have wished for!

Laura H. 🇬🇧 – via Facebook

Shazly Hassan is brilliant we have visited Egypt for the last 15 years to dive and know the importance of trusting you guide and Shaz is one of the best.

Liz P. 🇩🇪 – via Facebook

Shazly is the person who showed and taught me what dividing means ❤️ and the truth is that I don’t need to see every time something remarkable because the dive by itself is my special moment. Thank you for this underwater wisdom, Shazly master ❤️❤️

Dimitrina 🇧🇬 – via Facebook

Shazly was my colleague for many years, he is a great dive instructor sure he will make you a good diver and let you feel comfortable under water 👍

Wil L. – via Facebook

Kann ich das nur bestätigen, ich habe mit Shazly das Tauchen gelernt und schon viele entspannte Tauchgänge mit ihm gemacht, habe mich immer sehr wohl und sicher gefühlt.

Caroline 🇩🇪 – via Facebook
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