Ras Mohamed - National Park
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Shark & Yolanda Reef

Ranked as one of the best dive sites in the world, this place is formed of two parts, Shark reef and the Yolanda reef. Shark reef is a vertical wall with a drop off up to 700 meters, fully covered with amazing corals. The Yolanda reef is a wide plateau with lots of pinnacle corals.In the middle lies the remains of the Yolanda wreck, a 74-meter-ship, sunken in 1980, which was carrying bathroom supplies.

Best to see: turtles, tuna, big morays and napoleon fish, Red Snapper, scorpionfish, crocodilefish, groupers, barracudas, and sometimes grey reef or black tip Sharks Level: All levels

Anemone city

Diving from the boat, you will jump directly in the middle of hundreds of anemones. Also on the sandy slope, there are usually numerous cowfish.

Best to see: clown fish, turtles, big morays, tuna, red snappers Level: All levels

Shark Observatory

Also known as Ras Mohamend wall, this dive site is a vertical wall rich in Alcyonarians, gullies, shelters and small caves.

Best to see: barracuda, Jackfish, timpe to time, different type of sharks Level: All levels

Eel garden

This site it is comprised mainly of a large colony of Garden Eels (gorgasia silnen) on a large, sandy slope that starts at 6m with a small cave and drops to below 30m. Also on the sandy slope is usually numerous cowfishes.Almost directly in front of eel garden (approximately 30m from the shore) is a submerged reef and canyon. The canyon starts at 28m and has some impressive sea fans on the outside of the entrance. The reef is usually full of marine life.

Best to see: turtles, jack fish, pelagic sea predators Level: Advanced

Jackfish Alley

An impresive drift dive site, Its name comes from the white sandy alley between the coral ledge bordering the coast and a parallel satellite reef that is often transited by Jackfish and other predators.

Best to see: Gorgonians, stingrays, trevally, Glass fish, triggerfish and sometimes you might see a Whitetip reef shark Level: Intermediate

Ras Za‘tar

A wall dive, with the best depth range to explore it, in 10-15 meters, where you will find colorful corals.At this depth you will find various chimneys, overhangs, clefts and cutins that litter the reef.At 21m a pinnacle crowned with a table coral and decorated with a sea fan can be found. In the sea fan you will find, apart from banded boxer shrimps, long nose hawkfish.

Best to see: unicornfish, trevallies, tuna, and barracuda, during the summer, eagle rays and mantas Level: Intermediate

Ras Ghozlany

Ras Ghozlani is a gentle drift dive with a current that is rarely strong and is best dived, after a current check, in the morning when the sunlight falls directly on to the reef.

Best to see: turtles, eagle rays, tuna, baracuda Level: All levels

Marsa Bareika

This site can be dived in many ways with the most popular plan being made around a beautiful canyon located in the north part of the bay.The dive starts in a sandy shallow bowl, where you can find macro marine life:nudibranch, sea moths, blennies but as well eagle ray and groups of mackerel.The Canyon starts in 10 meters depth and continue in staggered steps at 12m, 18 m, and 25 m.

Best to see: octopus, moray eels and scorpion fish, during the summer whale sharks and sailfish in the summer,groups of dolphins, stingrays during the winter Level: Intermediate

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