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Agreement for Use of Images and Video on Story Divers platforms

Dear Story Diver,

Scuba diving is an extraordinary activity that helps divers discover the amazing underwater world.

Story Divers was born to provide divers a modern way to create safe, memorable, high-quality experiences, guided by highly trained dive guides and instructors.

As part of our mission and in order to sustain this wonderful activity we need to capture images of this amazing underwater world to share with divers and non-divers.

During your diving trip with us we might capture images with places, moments and different activities and you might be part of some of them.

In order to share them with other divers we kindly ask you to give us your consent regarding the use of those images and videos.

The media content will be posted on our platforms:

  • Facebook @storydivers
  • Instagram @storydivers
  • Website
  • YouTube channel Story Divers Sharm el Sheikh

We inform you that your personal data is protected, and you can withdraw your consent whenever you want.

We describe in detail everything about data protection in Privacy policy on our website

I hereby grant permission to Story Divers to capture and use images and videos with myself on their official platforms.

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