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Shark Observatory

Also known as Ras Mohamend wall, this dive site is a vertical wall rich in Alcyonarians, gullies, shelters and small caves. The entry and exit point is located in a small sandy bay on the western side of the Shark Observatory cliff.

Best to see: barracuda, Jackfish, timpe to time, different type of sharks Level: All levels

Marsa Barieka

This site can be dived in many ways with the most popular plan being made around a beautiful canyon located in the northern part of the bay. The dive starts in a sandy shallow bowl, where you can find macro marine life: nudibranch, sea moths, blennies but as well eagle ray and groups of mackerel. The Canyon starts at 10 m depth and continues in staggered steps at 12 m, 18 m, and 25 m.

Best to see: octopus, moray eels and scorpion fish, during the summer whale sharks and sailfish in the summer, groups of dolphins, stingrays during the winter Level: All levels

Ras Umm Sid

The site is the most southern point of the Strait of Tiran. Famous for a large, dense collection of gorgonians, and widely regarded as the most beautiful in the whole of the Northern Red Sea. The site also boasts a very beautiful reef wall and two plateaus, the second of which (the most northern of the two) is richly covered in coral pinnacles and forms a veritable forest

Best to see: turtles, manta ray, eagle ray, reef sharks Level: All levels

Sharks Bay

It's an excellent dive site to explore it in the day time, but for a night dive too. Thanks to its flat sandy areas, it is ideal for dive training, while the canyon in the western part of the bay and the glass fish tower in the eastern part are offering eyperienced divers great places to discover. The beautiful reef, full of corals, with diverse marine life, is an excellent place for photography, with lots of macro and little current.

Best to see: butterflyfish, angelfish, gobies, blennies, anthias and anemones (including at least two pink anemones), but also different types of rays in season Level: All levels

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