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Blue Hole & The Bells

The Blue Hole is one of the most famous dive sites in the world and consists of a 65 m wide and 110 m deep vertical chimney in the reef top. We usually start our dive at The Bells' open, 26 m long chimney. This dive site owes its name to the sound of the diving tanks sometimes touching the wall there, as this area is very narrow and only one diver at a time can go down. You leave the chimney on a magnificent reef wall, with beautiful hard and soft corals, full of bright colors, which you dive along towards the Blue Hole. Once there, we cross the saddle at approx. 7 m and end the dive inside the Blue Hole.

Level: Advanced

The Canyon

Is one of the most popular dive sites in Dahab. The dive begins in a shallow sandy lagoon, along the the pinnacles, into a beautiful coral garden to the canyon - a gap in the reef that goes down to 54 m, offering many overhangs and light shafts and two exit points. On the way back across the coral garden, keep an eye out for scorpion fishes and stone fishes and admire the sight of your bubbles rising slowly up from the cracks in the reef, out of the canyon.

Level: Advanced


The divers place to be in Dahab. Several big blocks of reef, home to many types of fish and corals.It is a very nice night dive to spot Electric rays, Spanish dancers, slipper lobsters, octopus, sea horses, sea snakes, turtles

Level: All levels

Three Pools

The name comes from the three natural sandy lagoons, which will be explored during the dive, the home of magnificent types of fish which shine in the most amazing colors due to the direct sunlight.

Level: All levels


The southernmost dive spot of Dahab which can be reached by Jeep. Where the mountains almost touch the sea, but shortly before there's the possibility of access over the reef's edge, diving at The Caves is only possible during high tide and when the sea is very quiet as we are starting from the top reef. Inflate your BC, hop into the water and experience one of the most exciting dives in Dahab

Level: All levels

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