Strait Of Tiran
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Gordon Reef

Is the largest of the 5 reefs in the Strait of Tiran and  are necessary fundamentally different dives available to explore the reef.You can explore the reef as a drift dive to enjoy the colorful coral and the marine life.

Best to see: morays, eagle rays, white tip shark Level: Intermediate

Jackson Reef

Is another jewel in the Red Sea's metaphorical crown,a very beautiful, colorful, vibrant reef with a large diversity of fish and corals. Depending on the weather, the divers can explore it as a drift or mooring dive.

Best to see: turtles, grey reef sharks, white tip sharks, hammerhead shark (july-september) Level: Intermediate

Thomas Reef

Lying in the middle of the Strait of Tiran, Thomas reef is a great example of "fed corals are happy corals", hosting just about every type of coral, the Red Sea has; gorgonians, whip corals, table corals, black corals, soft corals, the list could go on and on.This reef is one of the most spectacular dive sites in the northern Red Sea for both recreational and Technical Divers.

Best to see: barracudas, dogtooth tunas, large rays (mantas & eagle rays) and sharks Level: Advanced

Woodhouse Reef

Is one of the longest reefs around Sharm el-Sheikh. Due by the fact that this site has no moorings, Woodhouse has to be dived as a drift dive, preferably in the morning when the sunlight falls directly on the reef.

Best to see: red anemones, turtles, Jackfish, eagle rays, sharks Level: Advanced

Laguna Reef

Laguna Reef consists of two parts, north and south. North Laguna lies on the western side of Tiran Island. On the reef you find anemones, gorgonians, soft corals and table corals.South Laguna lies between a green beacon in the lagoon itself. The beautiful coral, clear blue waters and spectacular scenery make this a very popular dive site.

Best to see: turtle, triggerfish, reef sharks Level: All levels

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